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Rail authorities and the approval process

The Compelling Case

The broad argument for reinstating the Thornton-Leven rail link is clearly stated on the webpages of Network Rail's Scotland site. "The railways are busier today than at any time since the 1920s and all indicators point to further growth, as the benefits of rail travel over other modes become more universally recognised"..

Moreover, "We have witnessed some highly successful line re-openings in the past few years, such as Airdrie to Bathgate and the Larkhall branch, and patronage on these lines has outstripped all expectations"

Network Rail

REF: 3751578 - Request for information about the current and planned status of the rail link between Thornton and Leven Stations in Fife

13/11/2013 14:49:16 GMT Standard Time

Wendy.Morton@networkrail.co.uk to clearfife@aol.com

I write with reference to your recent enquiry, and I can confirm the current position with regards to the Thornton to Levenmouth line is as follows:

The line is operational between Thornton and Earlseat coal loading point; this section is used by regular trains of open cast coal.

The line between Earlseat and Levenmouth is currently mothballed but could be brought back into use should traffic needs demand it. For passenger services to operate there would need to be significant investment to upgrade the line to passenger standards.

At this stage we have not been asked to progress any plans to reopen this section. It would be for Transport Scotland to specify this to us, however, it is not part of their current requirements from us. Any such requirement would also have to consider the train service specification and funding.

I trust this information is useful.

Kind Regards

Wendy Morton, Community Relations Advisor, Scotland

Government & Corporate Affairs

Minister for Transport

Transport Scotland

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