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How to contact our organisation

LMRC - LevenMouth Rail Campaign

LMRC is in the process of being established

Its HQ is based, at present at the offices of CLEAR Buckhaven 36 College Street KY8 1JY - opposite the library and Council offices

Present contact is:  LMRC@mail.com

alternative:  clearfife@aol.com



LMRC HQ, Buckhaven

LMRC is an initiative by local residents from around the Levenmouth area dismayed at our neglecte and lack of connectivity.   It is in its infancy so we need more people to come along and get involved in a small or big way.

Levenmouth needs to raise its voice publicly so that the strong case for rail reinstatement can exert some impact.  The time is now.. so get in touch

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