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LevenMouth Rail Campaign - Get Involved

Cameron Bridge Station 26 March 2014Several other communities in Scotland, all of them smaller and facing much greater constraints to reinstating rail services (for example purchasing land already built on) are already active.  

Fragmented Levenmouth risks losing out because the voice of its residents is now loud or unified.   This means rail authorities and elected representatives can ignore the very strong case for reinstatement of rail services.

We'd welcome anyone from Levenmouth or the East Neuk to lend their voice to this worthwhile cause, in any any way shape or form.   Let's make the decision makers sit up and pay attention

Let's ensue our case is the first priority - as it deserves to be - for any new investment in rail.  Rail will be the transport mode of choice in the 21st century - we've been sidelined too long 

LMRC is NOT affiliated or linked with any political party or grouping.   The reinstatement of the Leven rail link has cross-party support.    We reserve the right to criticize and hold accountable any official body or elected representative without fear or favour.  Our SOLE interest is in reconnecting Leven to the national rail network

Thornton-Leven line at Waulkmill Thornton 26 March 2014

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