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LMRC - LevenMouth Rail Campaign

Lobbying for reconnecting Leven with the east coast mainline.

LMRC - the challenge

NEW Levenmouth Rail Campaign video OUT NOW (link here)

Levenmouth is the largest urban area (pop 37,600) in Scotland NOT directly served by rail, despite the presence of a high standard mothballed line between Thornton (on the main east coast line) and Leven, a distance of 5.5 miles

Several events take place in late April so we've called it a Week of Action. 

The latest consultation in an extended sequence of transport studies takes place on April 20th (204, Leven), a Walk the Line event involving local school and college students on April 23rd (morning), and the Second LMRC Conference (27th April  11-2).  We'd encourage as many as possible to participate

Other tasks such as partial line devegetation is going on also

There is a overwhelming case to reopen the line (see the new booklet by rail experts - A Railway to Regenerate Levenmouth) and this was recognised by Transport Minister Humza Yousaf on 27 September 2017 committing the Scottish Govt to lead and fund the crucial next feasibility study (GRIP 4 - see Extract from Scottish Parliament).   The Campaign seeks to raise awareness and exert pressure from the local community for the need, logic and justice of reconnecting our neglected community to the national rail network.   We need to restore both passenger and freight services - given the poor road connections to the area, better freight links will aid motorists by shifting extra traffic off the highways.

WE NEED STRONG PUBLIC SUPPORT TO MAKE THE CASE - contacting electe reps, writing to the media, and so on.  A petition with over 12,500 signatures was handed over to Transport Minister Humza Yousaf on 1st June 2017 at

Holyrood.  No more signatures are needed for now but we ask the public and our elected representative to keep raising, and pressing, the issue from every angle


Article on Levenmouth - Regeneration by Rail Summer Issue, Scottish Geographer

March 17 National Rail Infrastructure Strategy - LMRC Press Release

See earlier newsletters and other key documentation

Forthcoming events

  • Transport Study Consultation - 20 April 2018 [ more ]
  • Walk the Line  - 23 April 2018 [ more ]
  • LMRC Action Group Meeting - 24 April 2018 [ more ]
  • Levenmouth Rail Conference - 27 April 2018 [ more ]
  • LMRC Action Group Meeting - 29 May 2018 [ more ]
  • LMRC Action Group Meeting - 26 June 2018 [ more ]

Useful links

Get involved

Local resident or living farther afield?.  If you agree with our aims - to press for the reinstatement of the rail link, then contact us or come and get involved (see meetings, facebook page etc).  LMRC is open to all. Optional membership helps build the case.

Many other smaller communities in Scotland which have a much weaker case have already organised - it's time Levenmouth stopped being less than the sum of its individual parts.  Let's get busy to get this line reconnected

Thornton-Leven line


Walk? - I'd rather take the train. Earlseat to Leven in 3 minutes

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